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🌱 Let's talk about cotton 🌱

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This little cotton dish, which many of us use, is so gentle and beautiful that once wet, it is actually very harmful to our planet. 

In fact, although the CD-ROM loaded and unloaded cotton seems innocent, it is responsible for greenhouse gas emissions, but not only that. Cotton cultivation accounts for 24% of the world's pesticides


You want to stop the consumption of disposable cotton, but you don't know what to do? 

The solution is in front of you: washable and reusable cotton! The products you find in capebala are made of bamboo (70%) and cotton (30%). Effective, natural, healthy, washable cotton can be used indefinitely. Once used, drag it into your washing machine and it's over!


The wearethedrops website conducted a quick analysis: savings from using washable cotton after a month:


  • 87 literswater "Plant cultivation and oil extraction.",
  • 1.7 liters petroleum (packaging and transportation)
  • 66.2 kW (package)
  • 523 GCarbon dioxide equivalent "Oil and electricity production, cargo transportation",
  • 11.5 square meters of ecological footprint ("virtual forest area required to absorb CO2 emissions;"
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Washable cotton is an effective alternative that can reduce our impact on the environment because of our usual consumption. 


So please do not hesitate to order your laundry cotton in our online store as soon as possible. www.capeebara.fr