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The 5 Zero Waste concepts

Zero waste is an approach aimed at minimizing our waste generation.🌎

Here are the 5 golden rules of zero waste :

Refuse everything you do not need. Starting point of the trend of minimalism, refusal remains a psychologically complicated act. We systematically refuse plastic bags, straws, paper towels that we have replaced with their reusable equivalents. More radically, it is also simple to refuse any unaddressed mail by affixing a stop-PUB sticker on your mailbox. All of a sudden, you avoid throwing away 31 kg of paper a year !
Reduce what you need or can not refuse. This is another component of the minimalist approach. De-clutter, adapt your consumption to your actual needs and avoid over-consumption. Let's rediscover the local market and join an AMAP.
Reuse what can be. Give preference to reusable containers, in fabric, glass or stainless steel, buy used, repair ... that's as much waste as you will not produce.
Recycle everything that needs to be recycled. Only 20% s % of our bins are recycled and a lot of waste, which should be recycled, ends up in the wrong bin. Find out about the local guidelines as they vary according to the communities of municipalities where you visit the sorting guide. At home, is not less than 6 garbage cans in our kitchen. Glass, paper, packaging, compost, gray trash and packaging Cookies, not forgetting the Pens, Stoppers, cork stopper we put also side to bring them back to the collection points.
Compost everything else, about 30% of your trash. Compost becomes anecdotal !

By adopting zero waste, we seek to combat environmental pollution, waste and promote responsible consumption.👍🌎😁