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Some alternatives for a more responsible everyday life.

There are now a lot of new eco-friendly products, we will help you to know which are the utensils which you could use to live in a more responsible world! 👍

Plastic toothbrushes are rarely recycled, so opt for bamboo toothbrushes every day. The bamboo handle is soft, light, antibacterial and compostable! 😉

You can use solid wood trays! Solid wood comes from sustainable management forest, it has many advantages: resistant, durable, authentic ... it is a gift from nature so take advantage! 🙃

Classic sponges are far from being healthy or ecological, they come from petroleum products and contain several chemical additives and cannot be machine washed. In use, they harbor microbes of all kinds. This is why there are washable and reusable sponges! 😃

Plastic cutlery is out of fashion! Now there are reusable and environmentally friendly bamboo cutlery, they are light and almost unbreakable! 💪