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Here are a Top 5 harmful products and their alternatives.

Here are 5 products harmful to the environment:

Water bottles take 400 years to degrade and therefore pollute our planet over several centuries. Opt for a glass or stainless steel gourd.

Plastic bags are destructive to the environment, their production consumes a lot of petroleum products but also water and other sources of energy. This design emits too large a quantity of greenhouse gases, partly responsible for the warming climatic. You can adopt fabric bags, their major advantages is that they are ecological and reusable.👍

Plastic packaging is today a real problem for the environment. To avoid this excessive consumption, favor purchases in bulk, in specialized grocery stores. Also prefer the foods available for cutting, they pollute less because they are poorly packaged.🙂

Plastic straws are very harmful to the environment. Thrown away from their first use, they are very often found in our oceans. Straws are indeed one of the most collected objects on the beaches. You can use stainless steel or bamboo straws which are reusable.🥤

Cotton swabs represent the second largest plastic plague in the seas and oceans. Many marine animals eat them and the damage is immense. To replace them you can use oriculis which are substitutes for the cotton swab, it is reusable and biodegradable.😀