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Zero Waste

The Zero waste, what is it?

Zero waste is a way of life that is based on five fundamental principles :

  • Refuse : learn to say NO to everything we don't need (for example, straw, plastic in the grenadine restaurant, cosmetic samples...).
  • Reduce : reduce our mode of consumption and use only what we need. Why buy a salad spinner if I already have one? I try to avoid waste.
  • Reuse : focus on re-usable objects. Change how we consume by renting, by paying, providing, repairing...
  • Recycle : sort and take the time to do it in the best possible way.
  • Go to the earth by composting everything compostable.


Hey it is the theory !

In practice ? Well, in practice, zero waste is above all an awareness... the rest follows of course.

In Capeebara we are well aware that the transition is not always obvious and it is for this reason that we put all our efforts in the service of our customers. It includes practical, easy-to-clean and incredibly simple to use.